Nancy Winship Milliken Studio at Deerfield Academy September 2 through October 28

In the fall of 2019 Nancy Winship Milliken studio will be presenting work in the Von Auersperg Art Gallery. This indoor and outdoor installation takes a look at different printing methods using earth, cows, humans and barn beams. New work will be generated from words collected from the Deerfield community and imprinted into earthen blocks that can be moved to form statements and intentions (pledges) for the earth. The prints and sculpture in the exhibition engage the viewer to interact, create intentions set into earth, and shift words for new meanings and context. The studio, in collaboration with Printmaster Ted Ollier of Reflex Letterpress, will create earthen word blocks that will then be placed into word poetry/montage/building blocks in both the commons outdoor area and in the gallery. Inside the gallery large scale prints/paintings will be on display along with process videos of creating the prints. 

Here is an opportunity for the community at Deerfield Academy to help generate sculpture and participate in this exhibition.  

I-Pledge (1).jpg

There are a lot of things I want to do for the earth in the face of climate change. Sometimes these actions are hard to follow through in a collective effort to make a difference. Every little bit helps. Is there an action that you would like to pledge to this earth to help create a difference together?

The studio will imprint your pledge into earthen blocks to create a sculpture of collective pledges at Deerfield in the fall. Is there an action that you would like to pledge to create a difference on this earth? Submit your pledge in the form below to add to a collection of words that will be imprinted into earthen blocks.

Submission guidelines: one submission per participant, no proper names, no profanity