Nancy Winship Milliken Studio at Deerfield Academy September 2 through October 28

Statement for show:

Printing is mark making with pressure, the use of a matrix to impress information on a substrate. The work in this show, imprinted with earth and charcoal, show the mark making of field, beam, cow, human and earth. Environmentally and socially themed, the prints and sculpture were made collaboratively with farmers, poets, artisans, interns, and you, the community of Deerfield Academy. The process is one of discovery, setting up situations to happen without knowing the outcome. We had no idea if the cows would walk across the canvas for Intensive Rotational Grazing, or if the field would print if we dragged a charred barn beam across canvas for Epitaph for a Barn. We asked ourselves, what words would the Deerfield community submit in response to the question “What do you pledge to the earth?”  This open method of a sense of wonder is an important approach to be treated with the utmost care and respect in the studio.

I-Pledge (1).jpg