Earth Press Project: Witness is a public generated sculpture event by Nancy Winship Milliken Studio in collaboration with Minute Man National Historical Park , The Umbrella Community Arts Center and you, the public.

Earth Press Project: Witness will be on view September 1 through November 1, 2019 at the Minute Man National Historical Park.

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In 1775, the people of the Massachusetts Bay Colony witnessed a revolution that reverberated around the world. The struggle that began in these now quiet fields ushered in lasting change for generations to come.

As in the time of the American Revolution, there is today a world of possibilities before us. It all begins with a thought and a word. 

What change would you like to witness today as inspired by or in response to the events that took place on this historical landscape?

Fill out the form below to submit one word that answers the above question. Words will be randomly selected and imprinted into an 11x14” earthen block that will join hundreds of other responses in a public generated sculpture displayed at the Minute Man National Historical Park from September 1 through November 1, 2019.

Guidelines for submission: no profanity, one submission per participant, no proper names

One word submission to be imprinted into earth. All languages welcome.
Not required. Select all applicable.
Not required. Blocks selected for printing will be posted to Instagram @earthpressproject. We would love to tag you, if you'd like to be acknowledged!

Thank you for participating in the Earth Press Project community generated sculpture. Follow #earthpressprojectwitness, earthpressproject or nancywinshipmillikenstudio on instagram to see the collection of earth blocks displayed at the Minute Man National Historical Park. CLICK HERE if you would like to receive updates of events from Nancy Winship Milliken Studio.