Intensive Rotational Grazing


The Earth Work series are made in collaboration with the livestock and farmers of the small farms surrounding my studio in Northern Vermont. I call the process a controlled happenstance. While collecting the pasture to create an earth paint, I watch the habits and movements of the farm animals; the oxen’s slow and phlegmatic swagger in contrast with the sheep’s frenetic and skittery- flock as one, movement as they are let out to pasture in the morning. For this piece we created a “printing press” that can handle the weight of a herd of cattle as they walk over. Through a collaboration between bovine, farmer and artist at Bread and Butter Farm we captured the movement of livestock from one pasture to the other. Intensive Rotational Grazing transcends a foraging technique to become a metaphor for the delicate balance we often maintain between economic prosperity and environmental conservation.

PC Sam Simon

PC Keira Meiser