Gusty high winds predicted for the next few days

Photo by Jeff Derose

 So the sails are down for the next few days until the gusts pass through the valley. As the installation is in it's final week I want to thank the artistic community that has fed me throughout this installation and performance of sailing and sheep farming. Starting with the people I bounced construction ideas off of, back in the days of Pleiades' conception, Tim Holcomb, Miles Herter, and Tim Eliasson, to students coming over to felt with me and help install, Casay Yamazaki-Heineman, Colten McCormick, Olivia Holcomb, Nick Teensma, Eliza Fishman .  Christine White who owns New England felting supply, where you can get lost in the colors and texture of wool, was a valuable resource when my large sails were not fulling (finishing of the felting process).  Thanks to the farmers who donated their wool and to Jody at Tregelly's Fiber Farm for sharing her love of all animals wooly and hairy. Thank you to Nicki Robb and Elyce and German Perico for heir help during installation, As well as, artists and friends Bryan Gill, Megan O'Brien, Ted OllierHolly LyntonSarah BlissJeff Derose, James Young and Stephen Kiernan for their support and encouragement.

A hearty thank you to farmers Heather Lee Colson of Thistlebloom Farm and Sarah and Joe Swartz of Swartz Family Farm for their gracious use of farm fields.  Each farm has it's own personality and color ranges that the sails interacted with.

Terry Rooney deserves all the praise that has come her way for a wonderful Biennial exhibition. Not only did she launch the inaugural year for the Amherst show, but Terry continued throughout the show to provide tours to school groups, and interested parties throughout the months.

And then there is my honorable first mate and crew. Andrew and Charlie and Margot, my family, has helped me lift sails that are too heavy for me, think of new mast designs, and encouraged me at every turn.  Thank you my dears.