Thank you

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A mountain of thank yous go out to my New Zealand family.  There was an amazing amount of trust involved in the whole planning process.  Our connection across the ethereal internet was both serendipitous and destined, as I could not have asked for a better situation to both live and work in.  Meet the Truebridge family:James, Cam, Sue Yerex, Ben

My home away from home, James, Sue, Cam and Ben were night sky navigators of the southern hemisphere the first evening I arrived.  They assisted and planned and explained and fed.  During our time together the evening table was always filled with delicious food from their farm, but more importantly most days and nights family and guests graced the table with conversation, cultural comparisons and games.

The all important questions from the boys Ben and Cam sparked new ideas, and the everpresent grace of James and Sue reformed the concept of home for me. Always ready to help with process or fastening a corner, the Truebridge family are my collaborators. My most heartfelt thanks.

Individual artists need to develop a support team. Our business partners that give feedback,and  encourage when needed in more ways than artistically. Caroline Robinson, an artist from New Zealand who builds large outdoor sculpture and urban planning, instantly became a part of my inspirational team. Our connection through sense of place helped ground me in this simultaneously familiar and foreign land. Please visit her website and follow her wonderful heart centered work.

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