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Sarah Comier weaving wonder on a wintery day

We have been going through my store of wool! The search for farms that have wool to spare is on. It is my dream to get farms involved in this project, list their names as contributers and show the public how many New England sheep farmers there are. Lisa Westervelt of Moon farm in Cummington MA runs the Massachusetts Fibershed and has gotten in touch to help with our wool needs.

The Massachusetts Fibershed is an affiliate to ‘Fibershed’ http://www.fibershed.com/ whose mission is to change the way we clothe ourselves by supporting the creation of local textile cultures that enhance ecological balance, and utilize regional agriculture while strengthening local economies and communities. The Massachusetts Fibershed is a newly formed community based group whose intentions are to support and promote fiber producers and fiber artists in the state of Massachusetts by helping link artists, farmers and designers together and also developing artisan and  educational programs.

Massachusetts Fibershed  Respond to: fibershed@goodwool.com

Connecting fiber growers and fiber artists www.goodwool.com/fibershedMA.html

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New steel structures in the studio from Carolyn Clayton at BMW Ironworks

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