Ode To Talcott Range

Ode to Talcott Range, steel, fishing net, 14x14 feet, 2014. $5000.

Site-specific sculpture at Westminster School, Simsbury, CT. Opening for Alumni show is May 9, starting at 5:00. This and several other sculptures never presented before will be on view.

The artist, Nancy Winship Milliken, grew up across the valley on the Talcott Range and crossed the Farmington River everyday as she drove to Westminster School as a day student. Just like the sun glints off water at different times of the day, this site-specific sculpture captures the sunlight in the net that follows the landforms of the range. “This is my father, Johnson Winship's, favorite view from Westminster. He has always asked me to paint him a landscape painting, well, this is my version of that”. Photos by Jennifer Brainard Phillips