Blue Star Equiculture

Guest Writer, Pamela Rickenbach, from Blue Star Equiculture

Big Hearted Tex. Photo by Doug Anderson

Big Hearted Tex. Photo by Doug Anderson

A message from Pamela Rickenback at Blue Star Equiculture.

Tex has a job. A real job, real work in a productive partnership. He is Nancy's partner in creating art. It all sounds so simple and ordinary and that is the paradox. 

Their partnership is not simple or ordinary by any measure. They are both world travelers and experienced explorers of the heart. They both look for things that shine in an extraordinarily ordinary way. Tex cannot and will not handle intensity or hardness but he will melt and surrender to Nancy's softness. Nancy loves all the smells and mud and fluid beauty that Tex is immersed in and they celebrate it all together.

The result is something we can all experience as well. Beautiful, earthy and honest art. An art that reminds us and connects us to what we all share. The earth and all it's messy, gorgeous, life giving power. 

This is the job for Tex, that only Tex can do. A job made for him with an artist who recognizes his true nature. Nancy can and will trace Tex's steps and share them with the world and in that way they will both provide something immeasurably valuable for our lives. They will help remind us of who we are and where come from. 

This is the job that Tex has been waiting for and all we had to do was give him the space to find it. Thank you Nancy Winship Milliken for finding your way to us and him and for helping put him and his kind forever on the map of our hearts. — at Blue Star Equiculture.

Photos by Doug Anderson