I am grateful for this experience of showing in Boston, for the people setting the stage of this public art exhibition, Convergence, to the supporters who have helped me inspirationally, financially and by volunteering. Most importantly, I am grateful for the help of my better half, Andrew, who cooked meals, took photographs and massaged shoulders. Below please find those angels bringing light to the arts:

Ann and Johnson Winship, David Winship, Amy Wright, Sarah Bliss, Roz Driscoll, Joanne Desmund, Nod Milliken, Ashley and Peter Milliken, Marr Scaffolding, Industrial Sheet Metal, BMW Ironworks, Shakeyground Farm, The Vermont Shepherd, Tregellys Farm, Winterberry Farm, The Massachusetts Fibershed, Tanstaafl Farm, Andy Rice, The American Sheep Industry, Marci Caplis, Stephen Kiernan, Brian and Elise Napack, Stephen Jones, Andrew St. John, Amanda Shipley, Christine Stevens, Tim Holcomb, Lee Darling Kauper, Sal Strom, Stacy Klein, Carlos Uriona, Sue Katz, Eva Loher, Chris Nelson, Wendy Roth, Anne Maclean, Terry Rooney, George Sherwood, Ron Picnia, Sydney Resendez, Jean Mineo, Julia Shepley, Sandra Workman, Felicia Van Bork, Melanie Hedlund, Hannah Jarrell, Olivia Holcomb, Nicki Robb, Donna Dodson, Mac Dewart, Andy Zimmerman, Alina Bayer, Toni Gaspard, Robert Herlinger.

And to my two studio assistants who wove with me through the seasons, bouncing ideas, silence and laughter, Sarah Cormier and Gina Shvartsman, My Heartfelt Thanks.

Zen board heart, nancy winship millikenjpg